MacArthur Manor Cemetery

The scariest place in town on Halloween


My attraction is a front yard display that is free for all to visit. It's a cemetery theme with tombstones, mausoleum, flying ghosts, witches, zombies, and cemetery fence with a special entrance. It is suitable for young and old as our haunt is scary but tame enough for little TOTer's to see!

I usually run the full display after dark for 2 nights a year, October 30 - 31. Look for specific times and location each October.

You can post comments or questions to us from our Guestbook, or you may email me by using the Contact me page.

 For those who ask why I do what I do...


Spooky music echos down the street as weird lights play across moldy tombstones. Spider webs dangle from overhead trees, zombies rise from the grave, and witches cackle in the night. Lightning flashes across the sky as werewolves howl and other darker terrors lurk among the shadows. Trick-or-treaters beware!

Needless to say, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and having a yard haunt is the best part. For several years I have been building props and decorating the yard attempting to make each year bigger and better.

Hope to see you on Halloween!


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